Women’s Shower Program

Women's Shower Program

The women’s shower program entails provisions of showers, hygiene supplies, and laundry services at no cost. The program is specifically for women that are already experiencing lives of loneliness and homelessness. These are victims of domestic violence, natural calamities, or social disparities that may have separated them from the norms of life. Through the programs, a spa-like condition is provided so that these vulnerable people can feel comfortable and acceptable in the society.

Women's Shower ProgramSome of the services that are provided to them include beverages, snacks, space to relax, rooms to organize their belongings, time to resolute their minds, a phone, and safe escape from their external enemies. Through such services, the program organizers and coordinators believe that these vulnerable women will regain a sense of acceptance in the society. The mission is to offer a safe, secure, and peaceful environment for the women to access hygiene needs in a more respectable manner.

What the Women’s Shower Program Do

Improving lives of the vulnerable women

The natives of the program are volunteer oriented people who have been working with various non-governmental and non-profit organizations globally. The organizations support safety and well-being of the vulnerable in the society, especially the women and children. The Florida Department of Health is also a stakeholder and supporter of the initiative as it focuses on improving the living standards of the less fortunate and disadvantaged in the community.

Providing basic needs to the vulnerable women

vulnerable womenThis women’s shower program is a small shelter for the women because they can have time for their own, have clean clothing, makeup, and self-grooming. The rooms are self-contained with spacious bathrooms that are fitted with new dual showerheads. The good thing with the shower program center is that the management understands the need to conserve water as well as maintaining the best comfortable shower experience. That is why fitting dual shower heads ensure water saving as well as the provision of a relaxing shower.

Provision of clinical services

Once a woman is taken to the facility and the experts discover that she is physically abused, the victim is taken to the clinic with immediate effect. According to the experts, women are more likely to experience physical abuse whenever a domestic dispute arises. Some will flee their homes with the fear of being ambushed, which may result in serious situations such as street begging. Through the women’s shower program, such cases are taken care of and restore dignity to the affected ones.

The Facility’s Features and Experience

The women's shower centerThe women’s shower center is beautifully designed with tiled floor, bright colored furniture, adequate space, and exceptional and private rooms for changing. This kind of service is a call not for people looking for profitable activities. The nature of the program is extremely hectic given the type of people you are likely to meet on daily basis. If you are not compassionate, perhaps you may not manage such initiatives of helping the needy.

There are several donors who support the facility through food, clothing, drinking water, and funds. Through the financial support from the donors, the facility has been capable of connecting almost all the rooms with tap water, as well as installing more improved bathroom fixtures such as dual shower heads, water saving faucets, improved toilets, and many others. Such services may not seem as significant for someone who doesn’t need them at the moment. However, someone who has been homeless for several months needs a shower more than a thousand dollars!

There is no discrimination when it comes to giving out clothes because every guest is allowed to select based on her body size, taste, and preference. A person may take about 20 minutes choosing the suitable fresh clothes, and then spend more than 30 minutes in the bathroom. This can tell you how that particular person needed at least some shower! When the program started, many were distrustful because the facility was small and very new. Over time and after expanding, more than 10 guests come to the facility.

As a matter of fact, the volunteering program has held many of the workers back due to lack of free time to do their own things. And as I said earlier, this work is a call to help the needy. You will hear them explain how they feel blessed to have the opportunity to help others. They feel good when seeing their guests transforming and restoring their dignity.


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