Health Benefits of Swimming

12 swimming health benefits

What are the benefits of swimming?

benefits of swimmingIt is not surprising that swimming has gained this reputation among all nations, from ancient times till this very day. Apart from being suitable and available for everyone, swimming encapsulates all that you may need in one single activity. Swimming is a sport, a social activity, a healthy hobby, and a psychological remedy. You hardly find a culture, religion, or civilization that has not encouraged swimming and praised whoever masters it. The distinguished position of this sport stems from the advantages and benefits that are found in all sports combined together. After thorough research and a detailed examination, we have come up with a list of the most common benefits of swimming.

Top 12 swimming health benefits

  1. Appropriate for everyone, literally:

12 swimming health benefitsPeople of all ages and physical conditions are welcomed to try swimming. Men and women, children and elders, people with or without disabilities, can all benefit from swimming. Not only that but swimming is proved to be the best exercise for the pregnant.

  1. Swimming has a helpful effect on those who suffer:

People with some chronic diseases and physical conditions, including Multiple sclerosis, arthritis, asthma, heart disease, and diabetes, can benefit from swimming.

  1. It is easy on your body:

Unlike other sports, swimming has almost no negative impact on your body, especially if you listen to the instructions of your coach. Astonishingly, swimming is the only sweat-free exercise.

  1. Fights against tension or anxiety:

Because it spurs up the release of endorphins in the blood, swimming can definitely defeat stresses of all kinds, boosts your mood and puts your brain at ease.

  1. Memory and cleverness booster:

It is scientifically proven that swimming has the most significant impact on the growth and the health of the hippocampus–the part of the brain responsible for memory and cleverness.

  1. Best breathing exercise:

Swimming helps you expand your lungs’ capacity, which in turn, improves the control over your breathing.

  1. Swimming helps you run faster and better as it gives the ability to better control your breath, as mentioned above.
  2. It awakens up the forgotten muscles:

Swimming stimulates nearly every single muscle in your body, the thing that helps you keep fit and in shape.

  1. Burns more calories:

Nothing can beat swimming when it comes to burning calories. With no discomfort and aching feeling afterwards, Swimming is the best to lose those annoying pounds.

  1. Swimming is the perfect mix of cardio and strength training:

It is an aerobic-like exercise but in water. Because of water resistance. , swimming produces high energy and improves the flexibility and performance of the muscles.

  1. Fights against insomnia:

All what you need to fall into a deep slumber is to go swimming and you will be ready to hit the hay.

  1. Swimming opens the gate of amazing experiences–from swimming in waves to diving underwater to observe flashy colourful sea creatures, to jumping into a cold, crystal-clear spring water.

Where should I go swimming?

By no means, swimming is the most important wellbeing activity and hobby. Its importance make people use any aquatic resource to go swimming. To go swimming in the sea means that people need to find the appropriate time and weather conditions to do so, the thing that turns this hobby into a seasonal one. Moreover, people can go swimming even in lakes and rivers as long as it is safe. However, convenience and reliability are two crucial factors that must be taken into consideration. Having said that, it seems that there will be a few lakes and rivers that can be regularly used for swimming.

Owning a private pool looks unrealistic as only few people have the ability to have one. Even if you are one of those, you can’t imagine the amount of job waiting for you so as to keep the pool clean and healthy. For instance, some people think that private pool needs filling with water and shock every now and then. The thing that they don’t know that pool shock though looks simple, it has to be done perfectly, and this is why the pool shock is an important part of cleaning pools. As a result, countries all over the world have worked hard to build public leisure centres and local pools in order to make this highly beneficial exercise available and affordable for everyone.

The benefits of local swimming pools

Evidently, public and local swimming pools suit all residents regardless of age, gender or social position. Apart from the facilities and conveniences available there, local pools are safer and more secured than any other alternative. You don’t need to be worried about how clean are swimming pools. Local pools cost less than private ones for sure. They are available almost everywhere, especially in big cities and important towns. Local pools have become the heart of the community in a way or another. People can socialize, exercise and relax there.

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