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Hair Straightening Program

Even though curls can be as beautiful as most women think, they can turn to be difficult to domesticate during a bad hair season. Actually, even those renowned gels do not work on some curls and may make them uncontrollable. For those looking for a new look, the recommended choice is to straighten their curly hair. Straight hair is the new trend nowadays and it is worth to give a trial.

Hair Straightening Program

The Florida Department of Health is determined to ensure that all women within the Hillsborough County achieve the beauty they deserve. That is why there are various programs that have been established to provide wellness services for women. Among the already developed programs are the beauty therapy plans, physiotherapy programs, and hair treatment programs. The latter incorporates hair straightening programs, which comprise various straightening methods. These include hair rebonding, Japanese straightening, chemical straightening, and keratin treatment.

Keratin Treatment Program

Among the mentioned straightening procedures, the keratin treatment is becoming highly popular among women because it makes the hair feel soft and look silky. What is keratin, anyway? It is a natural protein found in the hair, which is also present in the nails and teeth. Basically, it helps the hair through maintaining straightness and shininess. If the protein content reduces due to unbalanced diet or aging effects, the level of keratin also decreases making the hair to become tangled, frizzy, and dry. Therefore, the protein lost needs to be replaced in order to restore the hair sleekness. This process is usually known as Brazilian blowout.

Brazilian blowout adds a layer of keratin on the hair shaft, leaving the hair looking silky. Based on what many experts say, this hair straightening method is safer compared to other techniques that may damage certain types of hair. The keratin helps to reduce the frizz and create a straighter hair. Even the chemically treated hair can be straightened safely without getting damaged. It is also less time consuming as it takes utmost two hours to straighten.

Keratin Treatment ProgramEven though this kind of treatment is one of the permanent hair straightening methods, it is important to understand that it lasts for a period not exceeding six months. However, the advantage is that the hair will return to its original structure without unwelcoming distortions. Through the program, you can do the keratin treatment repeatedly because it gives better results when used severally.  That is why it is highly preferred over all other techniques.

However, most women do not trust the idea of straightening their hair because they are afraid of damaging it. It is good to note that you need the right method, tool, and technique in order to achieve what you want without causing damage. Therefore, we shall look at three of the safest hair straightening brushes that work incredibly well.

Hair Straightening Brushes’ Types and Usage

Using hair straightening brush is one of the most efficient ways to make a better makeup process. It not only detangles and brushes out your hair, but also reduces the amount of straightening time. Another advantage of using brushes as opposed to flat iron is the convenience aspect because you can just travel with them without feeling the burden of weight issues.

The following are the top three rated electric hair straightening brushes that we recommend.

Dafni Ceramic Heated Brush

Dafni Ceramic Heated BrushThis is the leading brush in the market since it was created five years ago. With its steep price about $100, it is excellent for wavy and thick hair as it heats up in seconds. Its cord rotates through 365 degrees making it easier to style all hair types effectively. Also, the parts of the brush don’t overheat and therefore no accidental burns that can occur during the straightening process. Due to its ceramic nature, the heat is evenly distributed.

Apalus Automatic Shut-Off Straightening Brush

The Apalus brush is one of the best electric straightening models that the Florida Department of Health can recommend. It is a thermal brush with an ability to maintain a full 365 degrees heat during the entire straightening process. If you have thick hair that may bump more heat, this model can guarantee the safety of your hair because the brush produces a maximum of 125 degrees.

Bestidy Hair Straightening Brush

We recommend this straightening brush because it is designed to create a silky looking hair. It has an LCD screen that allows the user to control temperature, as well as a fast automatic shut-off when the brush stays for 30 minutes idle. It also features a 360-rotate cord that allows easier styling, especially for quick-morning preparations. However, this straightening brush may not be quite perfect for the texturized or thick hair.

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