Women’s Care Program, Guide to Skin Care Essentials


Understanding the best skin care program is an integral responsibility of all women out there. However, everything might look chaotic given the many products and regimens available in the skincare industry. You may have come across uncountable posts on different websites and you wonder what can be the best choice for your hectic needs. Due to this clutter of information, the Florida Department of Health has been collaborating with other stakeholders to create awareness about skin care essentials for women.


Guide to Skin Care EssentialsFor those who have been looking for easy-to-follow, simple skin care regimen that satisfies their needs, this article breaks down the top 7 skin care products that women can include in their skin care product cabinets. Our guide has been crafted by highly professional editors and the list explains how the products are used.

As far as women’s care program is concerned, it is critical to let the women understand the new products in the market. For instance, epilators have been hitting the skin care industry in the last few years. For those who haven’t seen them, they are high tech versions of waxing unwanted hair. They remove the follicles at their roots, and they are usually referred to as electronic tweezers as they are based on pulling multiple hairs out.

Anyway, let us look at the list of the skin care essentials;


According to SmoothskinLab, epilators work almost similar to waxing method of removing hairs from the skin, however, they do not get rid of the epithelial cells that make up the external skin lining. It uses a spinning disc to hold and pull the hairs straight from the root. A power cord is used to charge an epilator, and it has a group of blades with multiple small tweezers positioned on the device’s head. The tweezers rotate while grasping and tugging out hair, resulting in a smooth and silky skin.


ExfoliatorsFor those looking for a glowing skin, having exfoliators or facial scrubs is essential. Exfoliators speed up production of skin cells by getting rid of old skin cells and unclogging skin pores. However, it is worth noting that scrubs with abrasive grains are not recommended for sensitive skin. If you have that type of skin, it is good to have scrubs that are made of fruit enzymes because they break up dead skin cells. The number of times you need to exfoliate may depend on the type of your skin. Typically, it can be done once or twice a week for a normal skin. Those with oily skin, exfoliation can be done three to four times a week.


Moisturizers are usually applied after a morning bath, but there are light formulas that can be used to retain moisture and prevent UV rays. For night creams, thicker formulas that contain elastin, collagen, and lipids are recommended as they refresh the skin during bedtime. Apply a small amount of formula on the skin and use a circular motion to massage the cream. To achieve an additional hydration, spray on rose water and follow with a moisturizer immediately.


Use of serums is one of the key ways to tackle particular skin care issues because they are highly concentrated and capable of penetrating deeper into the skin. The serum also contains nutrients that hydrate your skin, leaving it looking smooth and soft. Serums are of different types; acne serums, anti-aging serums, and brightening serums. So, we recommend the use of serums based on individual’s specific need. However, the product you choose should be sprayed before the moisturizer.

Eye Cream

The eye cream is the best for treating those dark circles under the eyes, which especially appear in the morning. The eye cream is specifically made to add moisture around the eye area, as well as prevent wrinkle formation. Those formulas containing caffeine are preferred for oily skin.


One of the skin care programs that offer spa feeling is the facial mask. It cleanses by removing surface dirt, as well as drawing impurities from the epidermis layer. Other extra benefits of using facial masks include hydration, exfoliation, an addition of tone, protection, and keep the skin feeling soft and smooth. However, it is worth noting that specific skin types require different serums.

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