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Corporate Massage Chair Will Benefit Your Employees Wellness

Office Health

Even though there are many ways to motivate employees, a corporate chair massage program can be the ultimate option to offer your staff members. In any contemporary working environment, wellness and fitness programs are provided as a sign of appreciation to the workers. The packages are offered based on period and extent of the services, and therefore the cost may differ from one particular session to another. A good corporate chair massage can make a significant difference in the service delivery, output, and health of your employees.

Office HealthAs said earlier, some of the traditional wellness programs include trips, free coffee, sports, and training. However, corporate chair massage programs are becoming more popular in various workplaces because they come with a wide range of benefits. Interestingly, studies have shown that more workers are willing to participate in corporate chair massage services than other treats. There are also cost and health implications as compared to offering daily free lunch or tea because a typical program may cost around $10 -$15 per head. Considering the level of efficiency, corporate chair massage programs offer a long-lasting impact compared to an ordinary massage.

The Benefits

Improved Overall Productivity

According to studies, it is proven that corporate chair massage improves the productivity of the workers. Based on various experts who have done studies on the subject, a little rest followed by a good massage enhances the ability to solve problems. Employees such as accountants handle hectic tasks that involve math, and through a corporate chair massage, they can improve their problem-solving capabilities. This means that the massage therapy works better than offering a free cup of tea!

Reduce Fatigue and Back Pain

Fatigue and Back PainThat said, it is also worth to note that corporate massage program with the help of high-tech massage chairs, is capable of eliminating fatigue and back pains. When your employees are faced with hectic tasks, perhaps they will go home feeling exhausted and tired. Continuous exposure to similar difficult tasks on daily basis can interfere with their level of productivity due to reduced thinking abilities. To boost their level of creative thinking, it will be nice to have a brief chair massage visit.

Reduced Absenteeism

Another thing that is affecting the productivity of the employees is absenteeism. However, few employers understand the root cause of non-attendance. Neck pain, back pain, headaches, and fatigue can lead to stress and depression. Such issues are caused by prolonged sitting, but they can be addressed through chair massage programs. When your employees are feeling healthy, the level of absenteeism will reduce significantly.

Company’s Growth

According to recent studies, companies that have been offering onsite massage at least twice a week are constantly growing each year. This is because the companies have established people-based policies that are geared towards improving the health of the employees. Therefore, the workers will have lower stress issues and also the level of absenteeism will be low, hence growing a more competitive working team.

Enhance Health of Employees

A healthy employee is a happy employee! Providing corporate chair massage programs to your workers will not only keep them healthy but also they will stay happy. According to massage experts, a good massage therapy reduces blood pressure, improves muscles relaxation, improves joint flexibility, reduces muscle aches, as well as eliminates back and neck related pains. All these issues can affect the performance of employees if not addressed through an effective method, whereby, in this case, a chair massage is a better option.

Reduce Stress

Many employees do not earn what they really want because not all companies can afford to offer that. However, many people are willing to work at those low rates in order to cater for their needs and pay bills. That said, it is quite possible for some employees to develop stress as a result of their income levels. To ensure that every employee is kept comfortable and healthy, it is advisable to have chair massage programs at least twice a week.

In conclusion, there is a need for every company to embrace the idea of corporate chair massage programs. This is because the benefits outweigh the disadvantages given the huge losses a company may incur when the productivity of workers is significantly affected. According to information released by the American Institute of Stress and the American Psychological Association, work-related stress costs companies approximately $200 billion every year.

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