Women's Shower Program

Women’s Shower Program

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The women’s shower program entails provisions of showers, hygiene supplies, and laundry services at no cost. The program is specifically for women that are already experiencing lives of loneliness and homelessness. These are victims of domestic violence, natural calamities, or social disparities that may have separated them from the norms of life. Through the programs, a spa-like condition is provided so that these vulnerable people can feel comfortable and acceptable in the society.

Women's Shower ProgramSome of the services that are provided to them include beverages, snacks, space to relax, rooms to organize their belongings, time to resolute their minds, a phone, and safe escape from their external enemies. Through such services, the program organizers and coordinators believe that these vulnerable women will regain a sense of acceptance in the society. The mission is to offer a safe, secure, and peaceful environment for the women to access hygiene needs in a more respectable manner.

What the Women’s Shower Program Do

Improving lives of the vulnerable women

The natives of the program are volunteer oriented people who have been working with various non-governmental and non-profit organizations globally. The organizations support safety and well-being of the vulnerable in the society, especially the women and children. The Florida Department of Health is also a stakeholder and supporter of the initiative as it focuses on improving the living standards of the less fortunate and disadvantaged in the community.

Providing basic needs to the vulnerable women

vulnerable womenThis women’s shower program is a small shelter for the women because they can have time for their own, have clean clothing, makeup, and self-grooming. The rooms are self-contained with spacious bathrooms that are fitted with new dual showerheads. The good thing with the shower program center is that the management understands the need to conserve water as well as maintaining the best comfortable shower experience. That is why fitting dual shower heads ensure water saving as well as the provision of a relaxing shower.

Provision of clinical services

Once a woman is taken to the facility and the experts discover that she is physically abused, the victim is taken to the clinic with immediate effect. According to the experts, women are more likely to experience physical abuse whenever a domestic dispute arises. Some will flee their homes with the fear of being ambushed, which may result in serious situations such as street begging. Through the women’s shower program, such cases are taken care of and restore dignity to the affected ones.

The Facility’s Features and Experience

The women's shower centerThe women’s shower center is beautifully designed with tiled floor, bright colored furniture, adequate space, and exceptional and private rooms for changing. This kind of service is a call not for people looking for profitable activities. The nature of the program is extremely hectic given the type of people you are likely to meet on daily basis. If you are not compassionate, perhaps you may not manage such initiatives of helping the needy.

There are several donors who support the facility through food, clothing, drinking water, and funds. Through the financial support from the donors, the facility has been capable of connecting almost all the rooms with tap water, as well as installing more improved bathroom fixtures such as dual shower heads, water saving faucets, improved toilets, and many others. Such services may not seem as significant for someone who doesn’t need them at the moment. However, someone who has been homeless for several months needs a shower more than a thousand dollars!

There is no discrimination when it comes to giving out clothes because every guest is allowed to select based on her body size, taste, and preference. A person may take about 20 minutes choosing the suitable fresh clothes, and then spend more than 30 minutes in the bathroom. This can tell you how that particular person needed at least some shower! When the program started, many were distrustful because the facility was small and very new. Over time and after expanding, more than 10 guests come to the facility.

As a matter of fact, the volunteering program has held many of the workers back due to lack of free time to do their own things. And as I said earlier, this work is a call to help the needy. You will hear them explain how they feel blessed to have the opportunity to help others. They feel good when seeing their guests transforming and restoring their dignity.


Perfect Curling Iron

Women’s Hair Program, Must Have Tool’s Promo

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To stay at the top of fashion and maintain your personality, keeping your hair neat can do the trick. There is several women’s hair programs around the world, but the most important thing is to understand the right tools to use. Of course, many business reps have been advertising different hair products. We need every woman out there to understand the difference between marketing strategies and product promotions when it comes to searching for the right information.

Women's Hair Program, Must Have Tool's

This article is to provide information about women’s hair tools based on specific features that make them a right choice. The information is derived from multiple reviews of different tools and then the essential features are picked to educate the world. That said, the hair care programs have also been used to let women understand the ideal products that will satisfy their specific needs. The most common types of hair tools include curling irons, hair dryers, and hair straighteners.

If you want to change up your hair regularly, perhaps owning a curling iron is essential. On the other hand, we have been recommending owning a light hair dryer because it allows quick and eases of use.  When it comes to straightening your hair, flat irons can give the trick to get the glossy straight hair you want.

What to Look for in a Perfect Curling Iron

Perfect Curling IronCeramic iron is one of the major considerations when looking for a perfect curling tool. It is capable of conducting heat uniformly compared to the other metallic models. Even the ceramic flat irons do not cause frizzing and damage since they produce negative ions that prevent the hair from going frizzy.

However, it is important to note that curling irons’ temperature can go as high as 250 degrees and therefore cause damage to your hair. Therefore, it is advisable to look for a model with an adjustable feature so that you can regulate temperature. The medium temperature is usually perfect for the best results. Interestingly, there are newer high-quality ceramic irons that are cost-friendly. They come with heat dials allowing the user to control temperature whenever required.

What is the Perfect Hair Dryer?

If you want straight hair, it is advisable to buy a light dryer that is easy to hold and move comfortably over your crown. It is also important to have an ionic function so that you can leave the hair looking straight, shiny, soft, and smooth. For the curly hair, you need a dryer that can dry your hair carefully and slowly. For those who want to leave their hair to dry naturally, a fast blast will add volume and then use a dryer that will dry the hair on a high-temperature setting.

For frizzy hair, a dryer with a narrow concentrator nozzle can dry your hair in sections without too much blow-up. However, use a dryer with an adjustment feature so that you can dry your hair carefully and slowly. That said, an ionic function will be a good choice to keep your hair feeling smooth and looking shiny. On the other hand, you can make your fine hair feel soft by drying it with a low-temperature setting in order to its volume. You can check the quietest hair dryers here.

Choosing an Ideal Hair Straightener

Ideal Hair StraightenerFirst, consider the texture of your hair. Coarse or thick hair needs a straightening iron that is capable of heating up to high temperatures. On the other hand, thin hair needs a straightener with adjustable temperature settings because high heat can damage fine hair. There are digital flat irons that allow the user to select the ideal temperature and therefore prevent unwanted damage to the hair. Or you can use hair straightening brushes according to your type.

Flat irons have plates that are heated to iron out the hair strands. Whether you have curled locks, wavy hair, or thick hair, the straightener is capable of flattening the follicles better compared to a paddle brush and blow dryer. In short, the key to finest straightening and best hair care without damaging your hair is choosing the right tool based on the hair type.

Lastly, it is vital to understand that hair tools are of different types and come with a wide range of features. Depending on the type of your hair, always choose the right tool with the correct features so that you can reap the maximum benefits.

Hair Straightening Program

Hair Care Program

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Even though curls can be as beautiful as most women think, they can turn to be difficult to domesticate during a bad hair season. Actually, even those renowned gels do not work on some curls and may make them uncontrollable. For those looking for a new look, the recommended choice is to straighten their curly hair. Straight hair is the new trend nowadays and it is worth to give a trial.

Hair Straightening Program

The Florida Department of Health is determined to ensure that all women within the Hillsborough County achieve the beauty they deserve. That is why there are various programs that have been established to provide wellness services for women. Among the already developed programs are the beauty therapy plans, physiotherapy programs, and hair treatment programs. The latter incorporates hair straightening programs, which comprise various straightening methods. These include hair rebonding, Japanese straightening, chemical straightening, and keratin treatment.

Keratin Treatment Program

Among the mentioned straightening procedures, the keratin treatment is becoming highly popular among women because it makes the hair feel soft and look silky. What is keratin, anyway? It is a natural protein found in the hair, which is also present in the nails and teeth. Basically, it helps the hair through maintaining straightness and shininess. If the protein content reduces due to unbalanced diet or aging effects, the level of keratin also decreases making the hair to become tangled, frizzy, and dry. Therefore, the protein lost needs to be replaced in order to restore the hair sleekness. This process is usually known as Brazilian blowout.

Brazilian blowout adds a layer of keratin on the hair shaft, leaving the hair looking silky. Based on what many experts say, this hair straightening method is safer compared to other techniques that may damage certain types of hair. The keratin helps to reduce the frizz and create a straighter hair. Even the chemically treated hair can be straightened safely without getting damaged. It is also less time consuming as it takes utmost two hours to straighten.

Keratin Treatment ProgramEven though this kind of treatment is one of the permanent hair straightening methods, it is important to understand that it lasts for a period not exceeding six months. However, the advantage is that the hair will return to its original structure without unwelcoming distortions. Through the program, you can do the keratin treatment repeatedly because it gives better results when used severally.  That is why it is highly preferred over all other techniques.

However, most women do not trust the idea of straightening their hair because they are afraid of damaging it. It is good to note that you need the right method, tool, and technique in order to achieve what you want without causing damage. Therefore, we shall look at three of the safest hair straightening brushes that work incredibly well.

Hair Straightening Brushes’ Types and Usage

Using hair straightening brush is one of the most efficient ways to make a better makeup process. It not only detangles and brushes out your hair, but also reduces the amount of straightening time. Another advantage of using brushes as opposed to flat iron is the convenience aspect because you can just travel with them without feeling the burden of weight issues.

The following are the top three rated electric hair straightening brushes that we recommend.

Dafni Ceramic Heated Brush

Dafni Ceramic Heated BrushThis is the leading brush in the market since it was created five years ago. With its steep price about $100, it is excellent for wavy and thick hair as it heats up in seconds. Its cord rotates through 365 degrees making it easier to style all hair types effectively. Also, the parts of the brush don’t overheat and therefore no accidental burns that can occur during the straightening process. Due to its ceramic nature, the heat is evenly distributed.

Apalus Automatic Shut-Off Straightening Brush

The Apalus brush is one of the best electric straightening models that the Florida Department of Health can recommend. It is a thermal brush with an ability to maintain a full 365 degrees heat during the entire straightening process. If you have thick hair that may bump more heat, this model can guarantee the safety of your hair because the brush produces a maximum of 125 degrees.

Bestidy Hair Straightening Brush

We recommend this straightening brush because it is designed to create a silky looking hair. It has an LCD screen that allows the user to control temperature, as well as a fast automatic shut-off when the brush stays for 30 minutes idle. It also features a 360-rotate cord that allows easier styling, especially for quick-morning preparations. However, this straightening brush may not be quite perfect for the texturized or thick hair.


Women’s Care Program, Guide to Skin Care Essentials

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Understanding the best skin care program is an integral responsibility of all women out there. However, everything might look chaotic given the many products and regimens available in the skincare industry. You may have come across uncountable posts on different websites and you wonder what can be the best choice for your hectic needs. Due to this clutter of information, the Florida Department of Health has been collaborating with other stakeholders to create awareness about skin care essentials for women.


Guide to Skin Care EssentialsFor those who have been looking for easy-to-follow, simple skin care regimen that satisfies their needs, this article breaks down the top 7 skin care products that women can include in their skin care product cabinets. Our guide has been crafted by highly professional editors and the list explains how the products are used.

As far as women’s care program is concerned, it is critical to let the women understand the new products in the market. For instance, epilators have been hitting the skin care industry in the last few years. For those who haven’t seen them, they are high tech versions of waxing unwanted hair. They remove the follicles at their roots, and they are usually referred to as electronic tweezers as they are based on pulling multiple hairs out.

Anyway, let us look at the list of the skin care essentials;


According to SmoothskinLab, epilators work almost similar to waxing method of removing hairs from the skin, however, they do not get rid of the epithelial cells that make up the external skin lining. It uses a spinning disc to hold and pull the hairs straight from the root. A power cord is used to charge an epilator, and it has a group of blades with multiple small tweezers positioned on the device’s head. The tweezers rotate while grasping and tugging out hair, resulting in a smooth and silky skin.


ExfoliatorsFor those looking for a glowing skin, having exfoliators or facial scrubs is essential. Exfoliators speed up production of skin cells by getting rid of old skin cells and unclogging skin pores. However, it is worth noting that scrubs with abrasive grains are not recommended for sensitive skin. If you have that type of skin, it is good to have scrubs that are made of fruit enzymes because they break up dead skin cells. The number of times you need to exfoliate may depend on the type of your skin. Typically, it can be done once or twice a week for a normal skin. Those with oily skin, exfoliation can be done three to four times a week.


Moisturizers are usually applied after a morning bath, but there are light formulas that can be used to retain moisture and prevent UV rays. For night creams, thicker formulas that contain elastin, collagen, and lipids are recommended as they refresh the skin during bedtime. Apply a small amount of formula on the skin and use a circular motion to massage the cream. To achieve an additional hydration, spray on rose water and follow with a moisturizer immediately.


Use of serums is one of the key ways to tackle particular skin care issues because they are highly concentrated and capable of penetrating deeper into the skin. The serum also contains nutrients that hydrate your skin, leaving it looking smooth and soft. Serums are of different types; acne serums, anti-aging serums, and brightening serums. So, we recommend the use of serums based on individual’s specific need. However, the product you choose should be sprayed before the moisturizer.

Eye Cream

The eye cream is the best for treating those dark circles under the eyes, which especially appear in the morning. The eye cream is specifically made to add moisture around the eye area, as well as prevent wrinkle formation. Those formulas containing caffeine are preferred for oily skin.


One of the skin care programs that offer spa feeling is the facial mask. It cleanses by removing surface dirt, as well as drawing impurities from the epidermis layer. Other extra benefits of using facial masks include hydration, exfoliation, an addition of tone, protection, and keep the skin feeling soft and smooth. However, it is worth noting that specific skin types require different serums.

Men's Hair Program, Must Have Tools' Promotion

Men’s Hair Program, Must Have Tools’ Promotion

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Unlike the past, nowadays men have their preference when it comes to body grooming. Whether it is keeping chest hair short, trimming beards, or maintaining a certain level of hair on their legs and back, there are new tools that can do the trick. One of the common grooming techniques is manscaping, which allows men to trim, remove, or thin their hair on various body parts. The new tools have replaced the irritating method of using the regular razors, and therefore every guy out there has something to cater for his grooming needs.

Men's Hair Program, Must Have Tools' Promotion

For those who groom their bodies regularly, it is important to do it in the right manner and using the correct trimmer. As the men’s wellness programs continue increasing in the today’s world, there is a need to let all men out there to understand the various tools in the market. Professional barber shops use the best devices to ensure safety is addressed for the best interest of their customers. Therefore, we are going to highlight a few of the tools that are recommended by men’s grooming experts around the world.
If you are one of the guys who love keeping a bushy and big face forest, a grooming upgrade can be fairly essential. Apart from the normal trimming that is done now and then, you also need to have an ideal beard oil to maintain the whiskers smooth, soft, and abrasive-free. That said, you will find a wide variety of options in the market. This means you need a perfect guide to identify the best oil for your treasured beard. In this article, we shall also look at the various picks available out there.

Men’s Grooming Tools

Hair Clippers

If you want to trim or cut your hair, there are high-quality trimmers available in the market today. The professional grade hair clippers can be used at home or just in parlor centers, and they work incredibly well. Some of them are highly priced but you can as well find good quality models within your budget, thanks to the new brands. However, to find the best clippers you need to understand the specific features that make a perfect unit. Most of the guys have their personal barbers, which is a good way to get professional tips on how to keep your hair or beard well.

Body Groomer
Body Groomer

Your body parts have hair with different characteristics. But there is no need of looking for several trimmers for each part. This is because there are body groomers that can be used in all areas of your body and achieve the best results as you wanted. A tool such as Norelco Series 7100 has been rated highly by many users due to its high-quality features. The tools of its kind have trimmers on one end and shaving heads on the other. Interestingly, these tools can be used to manscape your private parts without damaging your skin.

Men’s Beard Oil

One of the best and conventional beard oil is the Mr. Natty Frank’s Beard Elixir. It has stayed in the market for quite some time and many barbers recommend it to many men. Interestingly, it can fit into any man’s regimen as far as body grooming is concerned. The grapeseed oil is also ideal for keeping your beard feeling soft, especially when used together with vetiver, patchouli, and pine.
Other highly recommended beard oils are the Terra and Blanco because they are organic. They contain blend of ingredients such as almond, jojoba, grapefruit, grape seed, tea, and ginger. These components have the ability to penetrate your hairs ensuring maximum hydration. In addition, giving your beard a small dose of vitamin E helps to maintain a steady hair growth, making the hair to grow stronger and softer from the word go!
Last but not least, you need to have beard oil with the right perfume. Of course, some scents may create an imbalance with your cologne, resulting to unwanted odor. Some beard oils such as the MCMC Fragrance Dude No. 1 Beard Oil is manufactured using natural aromas of cedar, ginger, and peppercorn. Therefore, it can balance your cologne scents without causing interrupted frequencies for those who want to wear cologne.