Keeping Your Food Fresh In all Situations

Keeping Your Food Fresh In all Situations

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Keeping Your Food Fresh In all SituationsThere are around 300 death cases in the United States each year directly connected with food poisoning. Not keeping food in a proper way causes food spoiling and this can be very dangerous as statistics show. Consuming bad food can be a real problem for your health. Spoiled food grows bacteria inside that in some case are highly dangerous and can lead to death. Some cases only end up with severe poisoning symptoms that are treatable, and a lot of cases only go by with stomach nausea.

Food poisoning can happen because of unsafe storing of food. Different kinds of foods require different conditions in order to stay fresh. If the food is not placed in the refrigerator, chances are big it will spoil very fast and consuming it is very dangerous. Some foods are more dangerous than others. For example, keeping eggs on a place that’s not cold enough can get spoiled very fast and eating these eggs can cause salmonella poisoning which is very dangerous. Same goes for dairy products. These products require constant cold temperature and even spending a short time outside of the fridge can cause similar poisoning. Salmonella is also found in rotten milk and other dairy products. That’s why all cheese, milk, and similar need to be placed in the fridge at all times.

Another serious cause of food poisoning is eating meat that is not well prepared or hasn’t been stored or transported properly. More than 2 million people get meat food poisoning from meat products each year in the States. Among the many illnesses, people get from bad meat are the streptococcus, Campylobacter, Escherichia Coli, and others. Some of them are very dangerous and can lead to death if not treated on time or too late.

How to prevent food poisoning

How to prevent food poisoningThe first and only way is to keep your food fresh at all times. That means always keep the food in the fridge and always get the food back inside after it is taken out for use. During power outages, this can be a true problem as the fridge requires electricity to work. This can be solved by having a power generator, but if this is not the case, you’ll need to throw out all dangerous foods after they spend too much time on a temperature that’s not good for the food.

Also, make sure you buy food from dealers that are trusted. Never buy meat, eggs, and dairy products from people that don’t have a license for selling these foods. It’s very important the food be transported in special vehicles refrigerators who keep the food at proper temperatures at all times. Sometimes unlicensed food dealers don’t mind these standards and transport the food without the special vehicles which result in selling rotten food. However, serious companies almost never face a problem of this kind.

How to take care of food outside

If you’re spending more time outside of the house you need food that won’t get spoiled. One solution for this problem is to carry products that won’t cause any serious problems, or simply get one of the many portable coolers on the market that are able to keep the food eatable for days. Some of the best coolers on the market are the Engel and the Yeti coolers.

Engel vs Yeti coolers

A lot of people have a doubt when purchasing a new cooler. It seems like Engel vs Yeti coolers is the most googled term in this niche. To answer the question, there’s no clear winner between these two. It’s a personal preference and a style choice. Basically, Engel coolers are a little less affordable but offer better performance, and the Yeti coolers are more desired and popular but still with a quality that’s beyond most of the competition.

Tips and tricks in storing the food so it can last longer

At home, always keep the meat in the deep freeze section as normal fridge temperature is not enough. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, it’s important to store them in the special section meant for this use. Also, if it’s possible, try to separate each fruit and have them not touching each piece as this will result in faster spoiling.

When going outdoors, always store the food in a plastic bag with a zipper. This will prevent air from getting inside and spoiling the food faster. This combined with the coolers will surely keep your food fresh and you’ll be able to use it for a long time. The best coolers can keep the food fresh for up to 10 days. Not having these conditions when you’re outside can cause serious illnesses. That’s why you should always have a cooler with you.