The Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County

The hillscountyhealth.org is an informational website that improves, promotes, and protects the health and wellness of the people of Florida, Hillsborough County. This is achieved through well-researched, written, and verified informational materials based on the health and wellness sector. We believe in integrated state, county, and community attempts to improve the health of the public.

Our aim is to make Hillsborough the healthiest county not only in the United States but also in the world. Environmental conservation is as well part of our vision because it plays an integral part of the sustainable growth and development. Without proper resource utilization, the world can be an unbearable place to live for the future generation.  That is why we have been building on innovation through research and giving creative solution and management of resources.

We embrace team working in order to achieve a common goal. Through our consultative collaborations with various stakeholders, we have managed to achieve common objectives and solve similar problems affecting the public. As part of our mandate to embrace honesty, we have maintained the responsibility of being accountable for performing with respect and highest integrity possible.

Like all other informational and educative platforms, we have our missions and visions. Our mission, in particular, is based on achieving the best service delivery by serving our loyal audience and engaging our partners in all projects we intend to undertake. In addition to staying responsive, we also want to keep on promoting quality results through learning and constant performance development. Our principles remain firm; Excellence, fairness, devotion, honesty, and courage.